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At age 3 diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, and given a death sentence of 13 years old, Brianna showed the world bravery, heroism, using her superhuman strength as she lived life to the fullest, pushing through like a linemen. After blessed with marrying her sweetheart, she was diagnosed with with AnitBiotic Resistant MicroBactereum abscessus. As doctors filled her body constantly with poison, she pushed through her dreams, advocating for Cystic Fibrosis her entire life, participating in research. But her huge spirit was just not a match for her radioactive body. In May 2017, after 29 years of never letting CF, or her Abscessus have a chance, she left one of the most beautiful legacys. Her dream to make CF stand for cure found, and to send her message to the world, Choose Your Attitude, Create Your Life! 

Her absence has been extremely difficult for those who knew her, but her story continues as people become inspired hearing her beauty. Completely lost, heart broken, struggling to live, her husband, instead of drowning over her absence, guided by her wife’s own legacy,  by embracing the beauty of her message, her story, to share it with the world and help so many dealing with such difficult times. He hopes to create inspiration for people just struggling to find the motivation, to helping others in the same circumstances, whether it be struggling with limitations, to dealing with death. Through his book Loving Someone Who Is Dying, working on a number of other publications, PodCasts, and Public Speaking, he hopes to shine her brightness and spread her love, in hopes to allow others to live the same beautiful life Brianna shared with the world.

Now, Creating Bri-Mazing doesn’t happen overnight, as we are working on preparing the website, creating content, and polishing up the book!


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Loving Somone Who Is Dying


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